The MSP Club was founded by three Movie Star Planet players like yourself. All three of us have been playing Movie Star Planet since 2011. We all owned other MSP blogs but decided to come together and make this one to give a better experience to our visitors.

Movie Star Planet Authors


My username is RocknRollStud in case you want to find me on Movie Star Planet. I have been blogging about MSP for a couple years now. I am very excited to own this blog with two other MSP game players.


Hi everyone, I am RyanStar76 and joined this blog not to long ago. I also have been writing about MSP for awhile now. I have shut down my other MSP blog to put time in to this one with my partners.


Hi MSP players. I am PrincessSara17 and have joined the MSP Club team. I am very excited to be part owner of this website and to be an author. I like to blog to my visitors about new things that are happening in MSP. Pay attention to this website because it will give you lots of great information.

Do you want to be an Author?

Are you interested in joining our team? Would you like to be an author and blog about Movie Star Planet? If you said yes to these two questions then leave a comment below and we will consider you to join our team. Here is what you need to put in the comment box.

1.Your Username

2. Do you have any bloggin experience and with what website.

3. Why do you wan to join MSP Club?

When you leave a comment we will take a look at it and let you know if you have been selected to be an author. We make everyone an author but we will try to let you join the team if you comment.