Everyone knows that having money on Movie Star Planet is important. The main currency of Movie Star Planet are the starcoins. With starcoins you can buy different items in the shopping center found on the Movie Star Planet Map.

We have provided you with Movie Star Planet Money cheats to get free starcoins while you are playing. Below you will find 8 different steps that you can take to get rich and fill your bank account with starcoins.

movie star planet spin the wheel

Movie Star Planet Money Cheats

The first way to get Money is to spin the wheel! Spinning the wheel will give you a great chance to earn a little or lot of starcoins instantly. To get the Movie Star Planet Money cheats for spinning the wheel a second time for free, check out our Movie Star Planet Money Cheats Spin The Wheel page. If you are a VIP member you can win a lot more money than a non VIP member can.

Another way to get free starcoins is to enter into the chat rooms and collect starcoins. You won’t get a lot of starcoins but they will start to add up. Look for starcoins in the chat room and lick on them. Then click on them again to put them in your bank.

Playing games will also get you a bunch of free money. If you play the quiz a lot you will become familiar with the questions and answers. You will eventually know all the answers and will win a lot of starcoins. We recommend you to play the quiz a lot if you want to get a bunch of starcoins.

movie star planet quiz

Making movies is not that hard and you can get a lot of starcoins this way. Every time you make your own movie and a person watches it, you get starcoins. The more people that watch it the more starcoins you will get.

You can also ask people to be in their movies as well. Every time someone watches a movie that you are in, you will share in on the money as well.

Making art books is another great way to cash in on some free money. Take your time when you are making these so they come out good. The better they are the more likeliness that you will receive a bigger cash reward.

Another thing you can do to make up the Movie Star Planet money cheats is to create new accounts and use them to rate your products such as your movies, art books, looks and even your room. The more ratings you get the more money you will receive.

You can also love other people’s pets to earn free starcoins. Got to different chat rooms looking for pets and love them. Often, players that are level 25+ will have several pets that you can love. For each pet you love you will get 1 to 3 starcoins.

movie star planet rate movies

If you want a lot of money fast then watch shortmovies and rate them. For every short movie you watch and rate you will get 10 starcoins. If you do this 10 times you will have a lot of money in your account. These movies are usually only a couple minutes long.

Playing a arcade games can earn you a lot of starcoins as well. The more games you play the more money you will get.

We hope you have enjoyed these Movie Star Planet money cheats and hopefully you now have a lot of money or starcoins in your bank account. If you use these 8 tips you shouldn’t even run low on money while playing this game.

If you have any other Movie Star Planet money cheats or tips then please share them with us by leaving a comment below.