Playing Movie Star Planet games are a great way to earn free starcoins and to earn fame quickly. Movie Star Planet offers many games for you to play and earn points.

No matter what type of games you enjoy playing, action, adventure or even dress up, Movie Star Planet has them all for you. If you want to earn free starcoins and get famous then playing games is a great way to do just that.

movie star planet games

There are many categories for Movie Star Planet Games. Below are all the different categories that you can participate in while playing the game. These include: dress up, crazy cards, quizzes, arcade games, friends only games, catwalk for level 6 and higher and casting!

Movie Star Planet Games

If you choose to play the arcade games then you have many options from playing sports games to playing puzzles and much more.

If you are looking to earn a lot of fame quickly then play the quizzes a lot. The more you play them the more you answers you will know to each question. When you win a quiz you will get a lot of fame points! We play quizzes all the time and because we know a lot of the answers we can earn a bunch of free fame points.

The Movie Star Planet games dress up is a fun game where you get to dress up like different characters. It is fun to try on different clothing items to make your avatar look good!

Crazy cards is a really fun game as well because you get a lot of funny answers to the questions. Sometimes the answers don’t even make sense but because they are funny you still might win. If you win this game you can also get a lot of starcoins and fame points.

Let us know what you favorite Movie Star Planet games are by leaving a comment in the comment box below. What games have you found to be the best games to get the most starcoins and farm points?