Many of you have been asking me for some Movie Start Planet cheats and tips so I have a put together this one cheats for you to look at and do. It can be tough sometimes to get a lot of Starcoins. Yes, you can get Starcoins by watching videos and playing games but even then you don’t get that many.

There is one cheat that I found to to work and I am going to share it with all of you. The Movie Star Planet cheats many not work every time or may not even work for you; however, I have tried this cheat and it does indeed work. Here is how you can also do this Movie Star cheat.

The first one is a cheat or tip that I found to be a success. If you want to become famous really bad quickly then make short video clips of about 20 seconds long. Then add level ones and invite them to your video. Within a week you will have a bunch of new friends. Keep doing this and you will become one of the most popular Movie Stars on this game.

movie star planet movies

This next cheat will get you some Starcoins. First log in to your Movie Star Planet account and start playing. Make sure to bring your pet along and have it follow you.

Having your pet follow you is the most important part of the cheat. Without your pet it will not work so you will just be wasting your time.

movie star planet quiz game

Next, click on and play the quiz game. After you click on the quiz game tap the space bar twice to make your avatar appear. Now, click on the home button and you will have a bunch of new Starcoins. If it didn’t work the first time, don’t worry. Just keep trying again and it will eventually work for you. We have to try this several different times before it actually worked.

Our authors at Movie Star Planet are always eager to hear about new Movie Star Planet cheats. So if you know of any other cheats please share with them by leaving a comment below.