The Movie Star Planet Cheats 2015 are ready for all of you Movie Star players to take advantage of.

Movie Star Planet is a fun game where you get to interact with others while making movies, playing games and gaining fame.

With thes Movie Star Planet cheats 2015 you will be able to gain fame quicker and faster than any other player in the game.

Movie Star Planet Cheats 2015

The first cheat we want to share with you is showing you how earn quick fame points from making short video clips. Here is what you need to in order to capitalize on all the fame points quickly.

Only make your videos 20 seconds long exactly, not a second longer than that because it won’t work properly. Next, add as many level ones as you can and ask them to watch your video.

Within a week or so you will have a bunch of new friends and will gain fame points quickly.

The second Movie Star Planet cheat we want to share with all of you will get Starcoins. In order for this cheat to work you need to have your pet follow you or it won’t work.

Login to Movie Star Planet and start playing the quiz game. Next, tap on your spacebar twice so that your avatar appears. Now click on the home button and you will have a bunch of starcoins added to your account.

If you have any cheats that you would like to share with us please do so by leaving a comment below.