Use these cheats and tips to learn how to level up fast on Movie Star Planet. The main point of this game is to level up fast and to gain as many friends as you can so you can be the most popular movie star on the game.

With our helpful tips you will be able to reach the next level faster then you would by yourself. If you want to level up fast on Movie Star Planet then take a look at all the tips and cheats we have provided you below. You won’t be disappointed!

 How To Level Up Fast on Movie Star Planet

Below are some great ideas and tips that you can use to level up fast on Movie Star Planet. Enjoy!

The first thing you can do is make short movies. Not only do you level up but you can also earn fame and star coins. Star coins are very popular in this game so its important to collect as many as you can.

To make a movie, go to the Movietown found on your map. Then click on movies and click + movie. Next, click on all of your friends and add 6 of them to your scene. If you are a VIP you can add up to 8 friends to join the movie.

The movie should ideally have at least 5 scenes so you will have to move the characters around in different places for each scene. When you make your movie, don’t just put one character in it and don’t add any speech because you will earn a lot less fame.

Participate in games and quizzes. The more game and quizzes you complete the more you will level up. Its a good idea to play the quizzes a lot so you can start memorizing the answers. This will allow you to score better in the future which results in your leveling up easier.

Another idea is to ask people for autographs. it’s not as easy as it sounds, so if people say no to you then you might want to make a couple different accounts on Movie Star Planet and just give yourself autographs.

how to level up fast on movie star planet

Do you enjoy art? If so then creating art books may be the way to go for leveling up fast on Movie Star Planet. Try to create an art book for something that is an inspiration to others on the game. If you write 20 loves you will get 1 eye, 40 loves equals 2 eyes and so on.

Are you the best looking avatar on the game? If not, spend some time on your avatar and make him or her look really good. Then ask people to love your looks! This really helps if you can get a lot of people to like your avatar look.

The last tip we want to share with you is to create a bunch of accounts on Movie Star Planet and watch all the movies on all accounts to increase the number of views and likes. We don’t recommend this strategy but if you want to do it then who is to stop you.

If you have any other cheats or tips on how to level up fast on Movie Star Planet then we invite you to leave a comment in the comment box below. We will then look at your tips and add them to the page to share with all of our visitors.