We have been getting many requests to show you how to hack Movie Star Planet so we are going to do this one time thing.

Today only, we are going to show you how you can hack on Movie Star Planet. Note, that we do not encourage this act at all and if you do this you risk the chance of getting your account banned.

If you get caught hacking, Movie Star Planet will suspend your account and you will have to get a new one. That being said, lets take a look below to see how to hack Movie Star Planet.

So if you really want to hack someones account then you need to start by being friends with them. You should ask them to be friends then invite them over to your house a few times to party.

Make sure you are chatting a lot to them pretending to be really nice to them. You may even want to consider adding them as a best friend.

How To Hack Movie Star Planet

Next, tell them you have something really good to give them but you first need their password. Once you convince them to give you their password then you have access to their account.

When you are on their account take all the starcoins and money they have and send it to your account. This will give you a ton of starcoins, fame points and money.

Note, that it may take awhile to get their password so be friends with them for a few weeks before asking for their password.

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