If you are wondering how to get to your house on Movie Star Planet then continue reading. Our team at Movie Star Planet Club is here to help out with any questions that our visitors have. We have recently been getting a lot of questions regarding how to get to your house on Movie Star Planet.

That being said, even though it is pretty easy to locate your room or house on this game we have provided a quick step by step tutorial for all of you to follow. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to locate your room and will know how to decorate it as well. Lets take a look below to get started!

How To Get To Your House On Movie Star Planet

The first thing you wan to do is to log in to your Movie Star Planet account. Once you are in your account locate the “My Room” tab located above the Movie Star Planet map. It should be the fourth tab form the left with a house picture on it.

Next, click on the house picture tab to enter into your very own Movie Star Planet house. When you are in your house you should see four different colored tabs above your avatar in the playing screen. These are labeled livingroom, garden, kitchen and party room. As you already have realized, these are your different rooms that you can access.

All four of these different rooms or areas can be decorated with items that you buy from the shopping mall. To buy unique items for your rooms head to the shopping center in the middle of the map. Then double click your items to put them on the desired rooms.