We have searched the web for the best Movie Star Planet cheats so you can get free diamonds, Starcoins and a VIP membership for your account. We know how important it is to have these three things while playing the game so we searched the internet hard to help you out. If you are a new player to Movie Star Planet, then these cheats will help you out a ton. For you MSP experts, you may already know some of these but there may be some helpful tips that you are unaware of.

What Are Movie Star Planet Cheats

movie star planet cheatsCheats are unpopular ways to get free diamonds, Starcoins and VIP memberships that know one else on the game knows about. Some of these Movie Star Planet cheats are easier than others. Take a look at them below to find out how to do them.

Why Do You Need Movie Star Planet Cheats

Before we get started on giving you the cheats we wanted to explain why you need these cheats to have fun. As we mentioned before, these cheats help you get Starcoins, diamonds and possible VIP memberships. Starcoins are the primary currency in the game and with them you can purchase different items like clothes and other accessories. One way you can get Starcoins is by watching movies. For each movie you watch, you can get 10 Starcoins and the higher level your character is the more coins you can get. If you are the creator of the movie you can get Starcoins by having people watch your movie. The more viewers the more coins you can get.

Another way to get free coins is by getting a Bonnie or pet. If you get a pet and have it follow you, you can receive anywhere from 1 to 5 coins every time depending on the condition they are in. To get even more coins you should enter different competitions. Each competition that you enter and win you will receive a certain amount of coins. Some competitions even pay out diamonds and VIP memberships. Our character is always entering competitions and we have collected a lot of diamonds and coins from them over the past couple years.

Some simple ways to collect more coins are by participating in the daily wheel of fortune and giving a greeting to people. These are quick and easy ways but the coins collected can add up quickly.

Diamonds are also an important resource on MSP and with these you can purchase exclusive items. Without buying diamonds, you can get them for free by entering different contests and winning them. If you want to get free diamonds then check out our Movie Star Planet Generator page. With this generator you can get unlimited amount of diamonds, Starcoins and a Free VIP Membership.

Movie Star Planet Cheats

Alright, lets get to the point! Here are some of the best Movie Star Planet cheats that we found actually work to get free Starcoins and diamonds.

First cheat to get free Starcoins is to purchase a pet and have it follow you around everywhere. Not many players know this but you can actually get free Starcoins overtime by walking with your pet.

This next cheat is to become famous really quickly! What you do is make a short video of 20 seconds long. Next, add all the level ones you can and invite them to watch your video. Within a week of playing MSP you will have a ton of new friends and you will quickly become one of the popular movie stars playing the game.

Another cheat to get Satrcoins is to head over to the quiz game on Movie Star Planet and then tap the spacebar two times. If done correctly, your avatar should appear on the screen. Once you see your avatar, press the home button and a bunch of Starcoins should be added to your account. Over the years, we have noticed that this cheat doesn’t always work but when it does it is one of the best Movie Star Planet Cheats for getting a ton of coins.

Well, we hope these cheats have helped you out a bit to get started. If you are new to the game then I would recommend trying all of these to get a bank full of Starcoins and diamonds. If any of you would like to submit another cheat to us please do so by commenting on this page. We will then try the cheat and if it works we will be more than happy to add it to this page.