Movie Star Planet Cheats 2015

The Movie Star Planet Cheats 2015 are ready for all of you Movie Star players to take advantage of.

Movie Star Planet is a fun game where you get to interact with others while making movies, playing games and gaining fame.

With thes Movie Star Planet cheats 2015 you will be able to gain fame quicker and faster than any other player in the game.

Movie Star Planet Cheats 2015

The first cheat we want to share with you is showing you how earn quick fame points from making short video clips. Here is what you need to in order to capitalize on all the fame points quickly.

Only make your videos 20 seconds long exactly, not a second longer than that because it won’t work properly. Next, add as many level ones as you can and ask them to watch your video.

Within a week or so you will have a bunch of new friends and will gain fame points quickly.

The second Movie Star Planet cheat we want to share with all of you will get Starcoins. In order for this cheat to work you need to have your pet follow you or it won’t work.

Login to Movie Star Planet and start playing the quiz game. Next, tap on your spacebar twice so that your avatar appears. Now click on the home button and you will have a bunch of starcoins added to your account.

If you have any cheats that you would like to share with us please do so by leaving a comment below.


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Movie Star Planet How To Have a Baby

Here is the complete guide for the Movie Star Planet how to have a baby. It is actaully pretty easy to have a baby on Movie Star Planet but its not what you think.

There is more of a strategic play when it comes to having a baby on Movie Star Planet. Instead of having fun with another person its actually like a dress up type game.

So what do you have to do to have a baby? Let’s take a look at the quick guide below.

Movie Star Planet How To Have a Baby

On Movie Star Planet you can”t have a baby like you can on other games; however, there are ways around it. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and you want to take you relationship to the next level then there is way to have your own baby.

Instead of having fun with each other to make a baby you actually have to ask someone if they will pretend to be your baby on Movie Star Planet.

A lot of players like to someone else baby. All you have to do is ask them and if they say yes then buy baby clothes. Movie Star Planet offers several baby outfits for you to purchase. Well, this is the guide for the Movie Star Planet how to have a baby. We told you that its not like any other game but there are ways around it.

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Movie Star Planet Money Cheats

Everyone knows that having money on Movie Star Planet is important. The main currency of Movie Star Planet are the starcoins. With starcoins you can buy different items in the shopping center found on the Movie Star Planet Map.

We have provided you with Movie Star Planet Money cheats to get free starcoins while you are playing. Below you will find 8 different steps that you can take to get rich and fill your bank account with starcoins.

movie star planet spin the wheel

Movie Star Planet Money Cheats

The first way to get Money is to spin the wheel! Spinning the wheel will give you a great chance to earn a little or lot of starcoins instantly. To get the Movie Star Planet Money cheats for spinning the wheel a second time for free, check out our Movie Star Planet Money Cheats Spin The Wheel page. If you are a VIP member you can win a lot more money than a non VIP member can.

Another way to get free starcoins is to enter into the chat rooms and collect starcoins. You won’t get a lot of starcoins but they will start to add up. Look for starcoins in the chat room and lick on them. Then click on them again to put them in your bank.

Playing games will also get you a bunch of free money. If you play the quiz a lot you will become familiar with the questions and answers. You will eventually know all the answers and will win a lot of starcoins. We recommend you to play the quiz a lot if you want to get a bunch of starcoins.

movie star planet quiz

Making movies is not that hard and you can get a lot of starcoins this way. Every time you make your own movie and a person watches it, you get starcoins. The more people that watch it the more starcoins you will get.

You can also ask people to be in their movies as well. Every time someone watches a movie that you are in, you will share in on the money as well.

Making art books is another great way to cash in on some free money. Take your time when you are making these so they come out good. The better they are the more likeliness that you will receive a bigger cash reward.

Another thing you can do to make up the Movie Star Planet money cheats is to create new accounts and use them to rate your products such as your movies, art books, looks and even your room. The more ratings you get the more money you will receive.

You can also love other people’s pets to earn free starcoins. Got to different chat rooms looking for pets and love them. Often, players that are level 25+ will have several pets that you can love. For each pet you love you will get 1 to 3 starcoins.

movie star planet rate movies

If you want a lot of money fast then watch shortmovies and rate them. For every short movie you watch and rate you will get 10 starcoins. If you do this 10 times you will have a lot of money in your account. These movies are usually only a couple minutes long.

Playing a arcade games can earn you a lot of starcoins as well. The more games you play the more money you will get.

We hope you have enjoyed these Movie Star Planet money cheats and hopefully you now have a lot of money or starcoins in your bank account. If you use these 8 tips you shouldn’t even run low on money while playing this game.

If you have any other Movie Star Planet money cheats or tips then please share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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Movie Star Planet Games

Playing Movie Star Planet games are a great way to earn free starcoins and to earn fame quickly. Movie Star Planet offers many games for you to play and earn points.

No matter what type of games you enjoy playing, action, adventure or even dress up, Movie Star Planet has them all for you. If you want to earn free starcoins and get famous then playing games is a great way to do just that.

movie star planet games

There are many categories for Movie Star Planet Games. Below are all the different categories that you can participate in while playing the game. These include: dress up, crazy cards, quizzes, arcade games, friends only games, catwalk for level 6 and higher and casting!

Movie Star Planet Games

If you choose to play the arcade games then you have many options from playing sports games to playing puzzles and much more.

If you are looking to earn a lot of fame quickly then play the quizzes a lot. The more you play them the more you answers you will know to each question. When you win a quiz you will get a lot of fame points! We play quizzes all the time and because we know a lot of the answers we can earn a bunch of free fame points.

The Movie Star Planet games dress up is a fun game where you get to dress up like different characters. It is fun to try on different clothing items to make your avatar look good!

Crazy cards is a really fun game as well because you get a lot of funny answers to the questions. Sometimes the answers don’t even make sense but because they are funny you still might win. If you win this game you can also get a lot of starcoins and fame points.

Let us know what you favorite Movie Star Planet games are by leaving a comment in the comment box below. What games have you found to be the best games to get the most starcoins and farm points?

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The MSP Club – Who We Are

The MSP Club was founded by three Movie Star Planet players like yourself. All three of us have been playing Movie Star Planet since 2011. We all owned other MSP blogs but decided to come together and make this one to give a better experience to our visitors.

Movie Star Planet Authors


My username is RocknRollStud in case you want to find me on Movie Star Planet. I have been blogging about MSP for a couple years now. I am very excited to own this blog with two other MSP game players.


Hi everyone, I am RyanStar76 and joined this blog not to long ago. I also have been writing about MSP for awhile now. I have shut down my other MSP blog to put time in to this one with my partners.


Hi MSP players. I am PrincessSara17 and have joined the MSP Club team. I am very excited to be part owner of this website and to be an author. I like to blog to my visitors about new things that are happening in MSP. Pay attention to this website because it will give you lots of great information.

Do you want to be an Author?

Are you interested in joining our team? Would you like to be an author and blog about Movie Star Planet? If you said yes to these two questions then leave a comment below and we will consider you to join our team. Here is what you need to put in the comment box.

1.Your Username

2. Do you have any bloggin experience and with what website.

3. Why do you wan to join MSP Club?

When you leave a comment we will take a look at it and let you know if you have been selected to be an author. We make everyone an author but we will try to let you join the team if you comment.

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Movie Star Planet Cheats

Many of you have been asking me for some Movie Start Planet cheats and tips so I have a put together this one cheats for you to look at and do. It can be tough sometimes to get a lot of Starcoins. Yes, you can get Starcoins by watching videos and playing games but even then you don’t get that many.

There is one cheat that I found to to work and I am going to share it with all of you. The Movie Star Planet cheats many not work every time or may not even work for you; however, I have tried this cheat and it does indeed work. Here is how you can also do this Movie Star cheat.

The first one is a cheat or tip that I found to be a success. If you want to become famous really bad quickly then make short video clips of about 20 seconds long. Then add level ones and invite them to your video. Within a week you will have a bunch of new friends. Keep doing this and you will become one of the most popular Movie Stars on this game.

movie star planet movies

This next cheat will get you some Starcoins. First log in to your Movie Star Planet account and start playing. Make sure to bring your pet along and have it follow you.

Having your pet follow you is the most important part of the cheat. Without your pet it will not work so you will just be wasting your time.

movie star planet quiz game

Next, click on and play the quiz game. After you click on the quiz game tap the space bar twice to make your avatar appear. Now, click on the home button and you will have a bunch of new Starcoins. If it didn’t work the first time, don’t worry. Just keep trying again and it will eventually work for you. We have to try this several different times before it actually worked.

Our authors at Movie Star Planet are always eager to hear about new Movie Star Planet cheats. So if you know of any other cheats please share with them by leaving a comment below.

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