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Movie Star Planet Cheats 2015

The Movie Star Planet Cheats 2015 are ready for all of you Movie Star players to take advantage of.

Movie Star Planet is a fun game where you get to interact with others while making movies, playing games and gaining fame.

With thes Movie Star Planet cheats 2015 you will be able to gain fame quicker and faster than any other player in the game.

Movie Star Planet Cheats 2015

The first cheat we want to share with you is showing you how earn quick fame points from making short video clips. Here is what you need to in order to capitalize on all the fame points quickly.

Only make your videos 20 seconds long exactly, not a second longer than that because it won’t work properly. Next, add as many level ones as you can and ask them to watch your video.

Within a week or so you will have a bunch of new friends and will gain fame points quickly.

The second Movie Star Planet cheat we want to share with all of you will get Starcoins. In order for this cheat to work you need to have your pet follow you or it won’t work.

Login to Movie Star Planet and start playing the quiz game. Next, tap on your spacebar twice so that your avatar appears. Now click on the home button and you will have a bunch of starcoins added to your account.

If you have any cheats that you would like to share with us please do so by leaving a comment below.


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Movie Star Planet Hack 2015

We found this Movie Star Planet hack 2015 that will get you a free VIP. We have been searching long and hard for a new working hack and we finally found one that really works. This Moviestarplanet hack actually works for an Elite VIP!

Now, before we show you how to get this new VIP hack tool, I wanted to share with you some of the advantages of having an Elite VIP membership.

Here is a small list of what you get with a membership:

  • Additional Starcoins
  • Free Diamonds
  • Gain access to exclusive Elite VIP items
  • Much more

The best part of the Moviestarplanet VIP membership is that you get a ton of extra starcoins and free diamonds. Moviestarplanet gives you so many starcoins and diamonds in the beginning of your VIP membership that you won’t run out for a long time.

How To Use The Moviestarplanet Hack

The Moviestarplanet hack 2015 works very similar to the other hacks that we have showed you on our website. This hack is a little better though because you can actually get a free VIP and free starcoins and diamonds all in one.

MovieStarPlanet hack tool

First, download the Moveistarplanet hack tool above and save it to your computer. Next, open up the hack tool by clicking on the icon on your desktop. The Moviestarplanet hack tool should be up and running in less than a minute.

Follow these steps below to get your free Moviestarplanet VIP, starcoins and diamonds.

  • Type in your username and password under the “Login Form” section
  • Enter the amount of diamonds and starcoins you want in the “Features” section.
  • If you want a free Moviestarplanet VIP check the box.
  • Click on “Start Hack” button and wait.

Note, that it can take up to 24 hours for the free VIP to be activated and up to 4 hours for the diamonds and starcoins to be added to your Moviestarplanet account.

After you have waited, log in to your account to verify that the Moviestarplanet hack 2015 has worked. Congrats, you are now a Moviestarplanet VIP!


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Movie Star Planet How To Have a Baby

Here is the complete guide for the Movie Star Planet how to have a baby. It is actaully pretty easy to have a baby on Movie Star Planet but its not what you think.

There is more of a strategic play when it comes to having a baby on Movie Star Planet. Instead of having fun with another person its actually like a dress up type game.

So what do you have to do to have a baby? Let’s take a look at the quick guide below.

Movie Star Planet How To Have a Baby

On Movie Star Planet you can”t have a baby like you can on other games; however, there are ways around it. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and you want to take you relationship to the next level then there is way to have your own baby.

Instead of having fun with each other to make a baby you actually have to ask someone if they will pretend to be your baby on Movie Star Planet.

A lot of players like to someone else baby. All you have to do is ask them and if they say yes then buy baby clothes. Movie Star Planet offers several baby outfits for you to purchase. Well, this is the guide for the Movie Star Planet how to have a baby. We told you that its not like any other game but there are ways around it.

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How To Hack Movie Star Planet

We have been getting many requests to show you how to hack Movie Star Planet so we are going to do this one time thing.

Today only, we are going to show you how you can hack on Movie Star Planet. Note, that we do not encourage this act at all and if you do this you risk the chance of getting your account banned.

If you get caught hacking, Movie Star Planet will suspend your account and you will have to get a new one. That being said, lets take a look below to see how to hack Movie Star Planet.

So if you really want to hack someones account then you need to start by being friends with them. You should ask them to be friends then invite them over to your house a few times to party.

Make sure you are chatting a lot to them pretending to be really nice to them. You may even want to consider adding them as a best friend.

How To Hack Movie Star Planet

Next, tell them you have something really good to give them but you first need their password. Once you convince them to give you their password then you have access to their account.

When you are on their account take all the starcoins and money they have and send it to your account. This will give you a ton of starcoins, fame points and money.

Note, that it may take awhile to get their password so be friends with them for a few weeks before asking for their password.

If you are looking for unlimited amount of money, starcoins or fame points then check out our Movie Star Planet hack. We have the best hack for you to download for free without taking any surveys.

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Movie Star Planet Generator

Are you looking to get the best Movie Star Planet generator to get free money? Then look no further because we are about to share with you the number one voted generator on the internet today.

Our generator was built for perfection to work every time. All you have to do is to download the free Movie Star Planet generator and have it up and running within seconds.

We recommend you to only use this generator download twice a day so your account does not get banned. Download the program and follow the instructions to get your unlimited money and starcoins.

Movie Star Planet Generator

Its truely that easy! This Movie Star Planet generator download was voted number one from our customers last year because of its effectiveness. Stop worrying about not haveing enough starcoins or money throughout the game anymore. It’s time to download this software for free and have a ton of fun being rich.

You can use your money or starcoins in the Movie Star Planet to buy items in the game. You can buy things to decorate your rooms with or clothes or even other specialty items as well. This will also help you get famous quicker in the game too.

When you use our Movie Star Planet generator download don’t add a lot of starcoins or money all in one take. Instead, keep building up your bank account slowly so you don’t get caught.

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How To Get Money On Movie Star Planet

Knowing how to get money on Movie Star Planet is important if you don’t want to use real money to buy it. Without money on Movie Star Planet, you really can’t do anything.

Just like in real life, in Movie Star Planet you need money to shop for items in the shopping mall. You can also use money to spend on other items in the game as well. Below we have put together some ways that you can get money on Movie Star Planet.

How To Get Money On Movie Star Planet

As many of you may not know there are several ways you can get money on Movie Star Planet that don’t involve you using real money.

The easiest one is by spinning the wheel everyday you play. Right when you sign in to Movie Star Planet, you can spin the wheel to get free money. For players who don’t have a membership, you can earn up to $40. For players who do have a Movie Star Planet membership, you can earn up to $200 on one spin.

Another way to get money on Movie Star Planet is to make your own movies. Making movies is easy to do and you can earn a lot of money from them. Once you make a movie, just sit back and collect free money. Every time someone watches your movie that you made, you will get money and fame.

You should also take advantage of playing the quiz to get money on Movie Star Planet. The more you play the quiz, the more you will know the answers to the questions and that will help you win more. If you win a quiz you will get money. We play the Movie Star Planet quiz a lot and you should too.

For other ways to get money on Movie Star Planet visit our Movie Star Planet cheats page. This page provides you with cheats for Starcoins, fame and other important factors as well. We hope you enjoyed these helpful tips.

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How To Make a Movie On Movie Star Planet

Learn how to make a movie on Movie Star Planet with our simple step by step guide. This page will help you make a good movie on Movie Star Planet so your friends and the public can watch it. The more people that watch and rate your movie the more starcoins and fame you will earn.

Making a movie is relatively easy, all you really need is a good imagination. The first thing you need to do is to login to your Movie Star Planet account. Next, click on the MovieTown icon found on the map. This will take you to the Movies option screen where you can choose from several different things.

how to make a movie on movie star planet

When you are on this display options screen click on the Movies tab on the top left of the playing scren. This will take you to a page where you can choose to watch a bunch of videos to earn fame points or it also gives you an option to create your very own movie video.

Click on the movie icon above all the featured movies to watch. This is where you will be able to create your own Movie Star Planet movie. When you are making a movie you should use a few different scenes and sets. Also, don’t forget to put other people in your movie as well.

How To Make a Movie on Movie Star Planet

To get started pick a background that you want to use. You can either pick a school background a beach background or some others as well. Sometimes you may want to do different backgrounds for each scene as well, that’s your choice.

When you use people in your movie make sure to involve them all so no one is standing alone. This doesn’t look good in the movie when you do this. Make sure to add speech bubbles or something similar to show what your avatars are saying to each other.

This will allow your viewers to know what is going on in the movie and they can follow along easier. Try to keep the movie around 30 seconds to one minute long. Many people will just exit out of your movie if it is over a minute long which means they won’t rate it.

When people don’t rate your movie that means you won’t get any fame points or even starcoins. Once you finish your movie don’t forget to save it by clicking the save button on the top right of the movie screen. You then must choose a movie title and save it to the public so everyone can watch it.

Now you are ready to sit back and earn free fame points and starcoins when others watch it and rate your movie. If you have any questions still no how to make a movie on Movie Star Planet, please leave a comment below. We will try to answer all your questions to making movies.

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Movie Star Planet Money Cheats

Everyone knows that having money on Movie Star Planet is important. The main currency of Movie Star Planet are the starcoins. With starcoins you can buy different items in the shopping center found on the Movie Star Planet Map.

We have provided you with Movie Star Planet Money cheats to get free starcoins while you are playing. Below you will find 8 different steps that you can take to get rich and fill your bank account with starcoins.

movie star planet spin the wheel

Movie Star Planet Money Cheats

The first way to get Money is to spin the wheel! Spinning the wheel will give you a great chance to earn a little or lot of starcoins instantly. To get the Movie Star Planet Money cheats for spinning the wheel a second time for free, check out our Movie Star Planet Money Cheats Spin The Wheel page. If you are a VIP member you can win a lot more money than a non VIP member can.

Another way to get free starcoins is to enter into the chat rooms and collect starcoins. You won’t get a lot of starcoins but they will start to add up. Look for starcoins in the chat room and lick on them. Then click on them again to put them in your bank.

Playing games will also get you a bunch of free money. If you play the quiz a lot you will become familiar with the questions and answers. You will eventually know all the answers and will win a lot of starcoins. We recommend you to play the quiz a lot if you want to get a bunch of starcoins.

movie star planet quiz

Making movies is not that hard and you can get a lot of starcoins this way. Every time you make your own movie and a person watches it, you get starcoins. The more people that watch it the more starcoins you will get.

You can also ask people to be in their movies as well. Every time someone watches a movie that you are in, you will share in on the money as well.

Making art books is another great way to cash in on some free money. Take your time when you are making these so they come out good. The better they are the more likeliness that you will receive a bigger cash reward.

Another thing you can do to make up the Movie Star Planet money cheats is to create new accounts and use them to rate your products such as your movies, art books, looks and even your room. The more ratings you get the more money you will receive.

You can also love other people’s pets to earn free starcoins. Got to different chat rooms looking for pets and love them. Often, players that are level 25+ will have several pets that you can love. For each pet you love you will get 1 to 3 starcoins.

movie star planet rate movies

If you want a lot of money fast then watch shortmovies and rate them. For every short movie you watch and rate you will get 10 starcoins. If you do this 10 times you will have a lot of money in your account. These movies are usually only a couple minutes long.

Playing a arcade games can earn you a lot of starcoins as well. The more games you play the more money you will get.

We hope you have enjoyed these Movie Star Planet money cheats and hopefully you now have a lot of money or starcoins in your bank account. If you use these 8 tips you shouldn’t even run low on money while playing this game.

If you have any other Movie Star Planet money cheats or tips then please share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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Movie Star Planet Games

Playing Movie Star Planet games are a great way to earn free starcoins and to earn fame quickly. Movie Star Planet offers many games for you to play and earn points.

No matter what type of games you enjoy playing, action, adventure or even dress up, Movie Star Planet has them all for you. If you want to earn free starcoins and get famous then playing games is a great way to do just that.

movie star planet games

There are many categories for Movie Star Planet Games. Below are all the different categories that you can participate in while playing the game. These include: dress up, crazy cards, quizzes, arcade games, friends only games, catwalk for level 6 and higher and casting!

Movie Star Planet Games

If you choose to play the arcade games then you have many options from playing sports games to playing puzzles and much more.

If you are looking to earn a lot of fame quickly then play the quizzes a lot. The more you play them the more you answers you will know to each question. When you win a quiz you will get a lot of fame points! We play quizzes all the time and because we know a lot of the answers we can earn a bunch of free fame points.

The Movie Star Planet games dress up is a fun game where you get to dress up like different characters. It is fun to try on different clothing items to make your avatar look good!

Crazy cards is a really fun game as well because you get a lot of funny answers to the questions. Sometimes the answers don’t even make sense but because they are funny you still might win. If you win this game you can also get a lot of starcoins and fame points.

Let us know what you favorite Movie Star Planet games are by leaving a comment in the comment box below. What games have you found to be the best games to get the most starcoins and farm points?

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How To Get To Your House On Movie Star Planet

If you are wondering how to get to your house on Movie Star Planet then continue reading. Our team at Movie Star Planet Club is here to help out with any questions that our visitors have. We have recently been getting a lot of questions regarding how to get to your house on Movie Star Planet.

That being said, even though it is pretty easy to locate your room or house on this game we have provided a quick step by step tutorial for all of you to follow. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to locate your room and will know how to decorate it as well. Lets take a look below to get started!

How To Get To Your House On Movie Star Planet

The first thing you wan to do is to log in to your Movie Star Planet account. Once you are in your account locate the “My Room” tab located above the Movie Star Planet map. It should be the fourth tab form the left with a house picture on it.

Next, click on the house picture tab to enter into your very own Movie Star Planet house. When you are in your house you should see four different colored tabs above your avatar in the playing screen. These are labeled livingroom, garden, kitchen and party room. As you already have realized, these are your different rooms that you can access.

All four of these different rooms or areas can be decorated with items that you buy from the shopping mall. To buy unique items for your rooms head to the shopping center in the middle of the map. Then double click your items to put them on the desired rooms.

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